[San Fernando] Revisiting Pindangan Ruins in La Union

Yesterday, I revisited the Pindangan Ruins. This is one of my first posts on my travel blog (edmaration.com) outside my home province Ilocos Sur. I actually felt so excited that like a li’l kid, I can’t sleep and I woke up early — all because of excitement.

Pindangan Ruins

It’s Good to be Back

It’s been around 2 years since I last visited this place. I have this interest with ruins and old, vintage and historical structures and monuments so it is nice to be back. Unlike what I did last time, I didn’t hire a tricycle to tour me around the city. What I did was just to walk by myself — that was high noon. I asked individuals for the directions.

I actually visited the Department of Health Regional Office primarily to process the operation requirements of our hospital but it has already programmed in my brain that I will maximize my time here. So, this is no longer a work for me. It is hobby. I am loving it.


Remembering the Road

If you ask me if I still remember the road, I can’t exactly figure out. What I did before was to hire a tricycle driver and all I remember is the big acacia tree.

Now that I am in search of this old destination, I’m at least getting familiar more with the place. I thank the person whom I asked for giving me an idea where should I go. But I still have to look for the ruins by myself. I remember there was this Regional Police Camp and I saw the arch. I entered the road westward and saw the sign ‘To Carmel.’ That means Carmelite Monastery. This monastery also takes care of the ruins.

While walking down an empty road under the heat of the sun, I felt paranoid, like, I feel like I’m an intelligence officer of a ‘leftist’ group. Weird thinking, but that was I am thinking. The idea came when I felt like someone from the police camp is following me. You know, I was taking photos everywhere and I think that could give them a hint that I am surveying the police camp. But I was here to be a tourist and I won’t stop taking photos of the road (I think it is not improper to take photos of public places). Well, this is just my paranoia and thinking that time. I hope I was wrong even though I was seeing the same person getting around where I’m situated.


So what’s new?

Nothing was new aside from the streamer I saw on the ruins’ steel gate giving warning to visitors that the ruins are in a fragile state. It reminds visitors to become careful because the ruins might collapse anytime. So, no leaning on the walls as much as possible. Another new thing I noticed are the tiles at the other side of the ruins. That side is prettier now, more appealing too.



Aside from that, everything is much the same — silent, peaceful and relaxing. When I saw the ruins for the second time, I realized, I missed it so  much. 🙂

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