[Bantay] Halloween Party with an Old Friend

I was a bit elated to learn that an old friend of mine is going home to Ilocos Sur for a vacation. Her name is Rein. I’ve met her in high school but we became close when we both entered the college publication. The photo below is my friend Rein in costume.


Meeting Rein

I don’t know. But everytime we meet (with Rein), we jump in joy and laughter. We’ve grown enough as mature adults but I feel like we are still in college everytime we meet. The jokes, the memoirs and everything we remember are just priceless. They link us to our college life.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

So when I learned she’s going home, I knew that the 2014 Halloween will be fun. But there is nothing permanent in this world. We are pure friends so there is nothing extra special. We just feel happy with the company of each other because we have many similarities in life.

The anticipated time has come. I know this is going to happen that both of us will find a love life. Rein has now a boyfriend. So I know there will be limitations. I can no longer hug her (purely of friendship) in public or anything because it would be too awkward to do it in front of her boyfriend. There is also a limitation in the words that I will say because I don’t want to offend any party.

But when her BF excused himself to go the restroom, there was this energy that arrived from nowhere. We became the ‘real’ us. No pretending. You know, we are thinking that same in mind and it was confirmed when we started to get the bonding loose. We are both thinking the same — that we’re both watching our words because the BF is there. It means, we were not the ‘real’ us everytime the BF is there. I don’t know but when both of us were left in the table, everything went so spontaneous. No pressure. Pure fun. Pure friendship. But I understand Rein, she is just balancing the situation between a lover and an old friend that’s me. I also understand her and I know this is going to happen. It is a bit different now. We can’t be too physically close (again, this is pure friendship). I can’t hold her. I can’t hug her. We cannot laugh the way we want it. Limitations, that is. It is hard for me being a friend but it is a reality I have to accept. I truly miss my friend Rein. The college life. Our stint in campus journalism. I miss everything.

Actually, I was a little bit sad because she almost didn’t make it to the party because she was with her BF. It’s really not the same anymore.

The Pulutan

The Pulutan

Haloween Party

So we had a dinner at the rooftop of a newly opened hotel in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. I thought she is not coming anymore. I offered to treat 1 ticket just to encourage her to come although I don’t have the budget, hehe. I sacrificed for it. Besides, I don’t want to be in that place alone. I have pre-ordered a ticket and it would be sayang if I’m not gonna use it.

So this is my story for the last day of October. Lesson learned: There is nothing permanent in this world. Her BF suggested we shoukd have a photo together (me and Rein) as remembrance. But we knew ourselves. We wanted more than just the picture. We wanted the ‘old’ us and we don’t know how to bring it on. That’s life. It needs to move on. 🙂

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