[Lucban] Kamay ni Hesus: Visit with My Mom

I thought the last quarter of the year 2014 will be more of work. I was wrong. Many travel opportunities came unexpectedly. This time, I am with my mom. This is a group tour with her high school batchmates. I just hitched.


As I mentioned, this trip is an organized travel with my mom’s high school batchmates. I saw different kinds of people. Some have achieved a lot in life. Some “show-off” what they got. Some don’t talk. Some just sit down and observe. My mom? She was with her low-profile classmates. Those who have a simple life or those who have something but chose not to show. My mom has chosen to be a plain housewife and took care of me and my younger brothers. She has nothing to flaunt. Professional achievement? High-paying job? Number of subordinates? No. Nothing. My mom chose to be a full-time mom.


My mom and her batchmates

It was a life changing experience to see former classmates reuniting after more than 2 decades. Some acted their the greatest. Some acted as if their nothing. The best of friends reunited. Old love stories rekindled. Some have present conflicts too.

It was a diverse mixture of people. My mom stayed quiet. She has nothing to brag. She hasn’t worked. She stayed a plain housewife. BUT, she let us ‘feel’ that we have a mom. That’s more than anything else that can  not be bought by money and achievements.


So this was Lucban with my mom. I have too many words to tell, but not now 🙂

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