[Vigan] Weekend of blogging

Dear blog, you’ve been my diary since 4 days ago. I’m glad that you’ve made me able to do this. I am a busy person now. I can no longer write long stories on my notes. It’s time-consuming. My hands get tired. I already have the idea before to use blog as my diary but I don’t know why it didn’t happen. Well at least it is fine now.

Today is Sunday. It’s my day-off. All I did the whole day is to stay in front of this laptop with malfunctioning LCD. Actually, this isn’t mine. I borrowed it from my uncle. I share my wi-fi connection with them for free so I think it is safe to demand something. Besides, I don’t open the wi-fi if I don’t have a laptop or PC to use. In the long run, I am still in control. Well, all I did today is to update all my blogs. I have a lot of blogs. I have 7 active blogs (not to mention the other blogs I no longer update).

I went out the room. I saw my cousins who regularly stay in our veranda. That is everyday. I don’t know why they love staying there. I captured photos of them. I love capturing photos of children because when they grow up, I want them to see how they look like when they were children.

This is my weekend. I just blogged a lot and loved a lot. I am doing this to archive memories and moments that should not be forgotten ▬ and these innocent faces a worth saving for. 🙂

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