[Vigan] How we prepare for our barangay fiesta

Vigan is a city of rich heritage, culture and tradition. This city is my hometown. I grew up seeing loads of festivals, cultural activities and fiestas of all kinds. In our little barangay of Ayusan Sur, the culture manifests. We usually prepare food for our friends and relatives every October 3 annually and this is how we prepare.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur, PhilippinesBarngay Fiesta of Ayusan Sur

Cooking Outdoor

My uncles and other relatives usually come to our house to slaughter a pig (or whatever is available). This is a once in a year bonding for us. I don’t know how to adjust if this tradition shall cease. I am used of expecting a grand family reunion and meeting old friends every October 3 since I was a child.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur, PhilippinesBarangay Fiesta

They prepare the vats under the mango and cashew trees in our yard. The fun starts there. We talk. We laugh. We bond. Afterwards, we eat with friends, visitors and relatives who regularly come to our barangay every year for our barangay fiesta. Happy fiesta to us! This is more than a tradition and a culture. This means a lot in building a more meaningful relationship with the people we love.

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