[Luba] The most extreme (buwis buhay) selfie I did so far

This is the most extreme toploading I’ve ever done in my life. I tried to squeeze myself in between sacks of canned goods, boxes of Ginebra, C2, energy drinks and softdrinks, baskets of eggs, many baggage, boxes of sari-sari store goods and a lot more. However I failed to squeeze myself to get a safe place and a secure position. So the only remedy was to sit on them, which means that if this jeep is a skyscraper, I am the antenna.

I was holding the rope used to secure the goods as I sit on them while the jeep swings from right to left along a post rainy-day-muddy road. I think I was at the highest position as I placed myself over piles of boxes and sacks.

Luba, Abra, Philippines

When some passengers alighted, I at least found a safer place, and that is at the extreme edge of the jeep above the driver’s seat. Well I thought it was safer, but it was not. One wrong move and I will slide to the mountainside, worse, to the cliff. So what did I get here? ▬ One-of-a-kind experience that has made me appreciate the convenience I am enjoying now, the simple pleasures and the chance to go to the nearest 7/11 store 24/7 with ease. So I am still blessed. This is indeed a learning experience that has taught me to be grateful, thankful and open-minded

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